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Capacity Building
Kairos conducts information program briefings for various Federal, Maryland State, County and civic organizations officials. The briefings focus on its core disciplines and how Kairos can be a community support asset. Kairos seeks to create partnerships that enhance community support. The officials favorably support the Kairos mission and core disciplines and are assisting Kairos in developing community support programs. Kairos obtained this group advice in strategic planning and marketing development.
Community Description:

Prince Georges County is rapidly growing with an aging population, becoming racially and economically diverse and being confronted with many critical housing and human services issues. Quality of life planning for the County citizens requires partnering and collaboration with various government activities and service providers. Kairos will be an active partner and service provider for the County communities. Seventy percent (70%) of the Kairos Board reside in the target support area and are active in community services programs.
Changed Lives:
  1. Jesus Hernandez was a hard working, dedicated single father residing in a Kairos home. Jesus was homeless, but has a home and supportive community to assist him.
  2. Cynthia Burns is in Culinary School after participating in the Crossland HS/Kairos job training program. Cynthia earned a scholarship and continues to be a mentor to others.
  3. Trina Randall completed homeownership training in November 2004 and became a first-time homebuyer in January 2005.
Communities Challenges and Needs: Quality, Affordable Housing

Quality affordable housing continues to be a dream for many County residents in a robust real estate market. The housing dilemma is greater for low to moderate-income populations in a real estate market of continuing escalating prices and limited housing stock options. First-time homebuyers suffer greatly by unrealistic seller demands. Homeowners become neighborhood stakeholders, which are necessary for our communities to prosper. Homeownership is a key component to economic prosperity and empowerment.
Social Services:

Kairos was formed to address the needs of low and moderate-income families in Prince Georges County. The programs are family-oriented yet individualized to serve the specific needs and interests of single parents, at-risk youths, school-age children and seniors. Improving the social and economic conditions of the communities and reducing crime and drug-use continues to be worthy Kairos goals. Kairos is challenged by diminished programs funding and rising community needs.
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