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First-Time Homebuyers Education
In February 2004, Kairos became a Homeownership Counseling Agency. With this designation, Kairos conducts homeownership education training for first-time homebuyers; and will implement homeownership education programs for current homeowners. Kairos utilizes the HUD and Fannie Mae recommended NeighborWorks homeownership training program for first-time homebuyers� education training.
The homeownership training is an intensive 8-hour course that covers the entire homebuying process. The training main six topics are:
Are you Ready to Buy a Home
Financial Management
Understanding Credit
Mortgage Lending
Shopping for a Home
Kairos has partnerships with the banking, mortgage and real estate communities that assist with the mortgage lending and shop for a home training. This helps ensure the training is current and participants receive the options available for consideration.
Kairos completed its first class in July 2004 with 34 graduates. The ceremony was attended by HUD, State and County elected officials, Fannie Mae representatives, and County housing officials. Through April 2012, Kairos had 1500 graduates from first-time homeownership training. This important homeownership process will help create potential homebuyers for CHDO-developed housing and empowered homeowners.
Kairos, in partnership with Fannie Mae, utilizes the Homebuyers Counseling On-Line Internet-Based Program to manage, monitor, and prequalify graduates for homeownership. This program allows Kairos to access the powerful Fannie Mae homeownership tools that aid new homebuyers. With future system upgrades, Kairos will be able to link with potential lender partners and flow prequalification data that will enhance the homebuying experience.

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