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POWER Friday Nights
POWER (Positive Outreach With Effective Results) Friday Night's is a six-year youth after-school empowerment program that has reached over 405 children and teens and enlisted the aid of numerous adult volunteers. Programs such as this one are designed through training to develop academic leadership skills and community responsibility. Furthermore, by encouraging self-esteem and a sense of identity in each participant through structured activities, Kairos helps these individuals develop the necessary social skills which will contribute to lessening crime and drug-abuse within the community. The bi-annual six-week program is supported by a generous donation from the Richard Eaton Foundation.
Social and workforce dynamics have changed considerably since 1990 and beyond. Single-parent households, usually female with two or more children, and female workforce participation have increased. Efficient social services utilization is critical to assist this changing population and maintain a suitable quality of life to prevent families from sliding into poverty and other social despair.
With information technology impacting our social norms, a quality education is beneficial to remain competitive and succeed in the future workforce. A positive and nurturing environment for our future leaders helps to improve the learning curve and create Attitudes for Success. An effective Before and After School (B&A) Program provides essential support to help children develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.
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